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Royal Sky Group is a Group of Companies operating in various fields, with a clear ambition to become one of the leading service groups operating out of the UAE. Our mission is to make the world a better place to live., always deliver the best services, never compromising on quality or efficiency. and to empower our partners, customers, teams and support them to make the right choices, the right decisions. Our Key activities are properties general construction contracting & maintenance, Interior design and real estate, technology & digitalization, solutions, websites, E-Commerce and mobile applications, hospitality and F&B, consulting, management, franchise, restaurant, marketing brand identity, design, plans, media, digital, video, content and business consulting are the fields in which the company is dealing.
My ultimate goal, personally and for my companies, is to continuously grow and help others grow, for us all to be able to enjoy the Good Life!
Ammar Omar


Ammar Omar


August 21, 2020


Logo design, Ui/Ux design, Website design and development

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