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ltl. Rolls offers higher-end quick eats, specific recipes among which the famous Lobster and Shrimps Rolls and truffle fries for a unique experience. ltl. Rolls was introduced in the UAE as a homegrown concept back in December 2019, to deliver the perfect specialty rolls, starting from Lobsters and Shrimps, infused with international flavors. Driven by the legacy of great rolls with prime ingredients and they strive to present exquisite blends in a localized twist, the founders of ltl. Rolls were able to launch high-quality rolls and scrumptious original or truffle fries with a homegrown twist that satisfies your taste buds while competing with the world's most renowned brands, hence driving its way for success in GCC and on the international level.




July 17, 2020


Logo Design, Ui/Ux design, Website design and development

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