The importance of e-marketing in the Middle East

The world is witnessing a huge revolution in the field of information and communication technology. After marketing was traditional, buying and selling is done directly, the concepts moved to Internet marketing and digital means in all its forms until the concept of electronic marketing became one of the latest means to promote goods and services, where many major countries were able to direct marketing Online to save effort, time and money.


• In traditional marketing, in order for the customer to request the product, he must go to the sales and customer service department. In e-marketing, the sales process can be done directly on the website or social networking pages.

• It is also important to e-marketing that you can maintain customers and make them permanent customers. And the development of their loyalty to your company or project, and this is done through social networking pages, e-mail, as well as SMS.

• Ease of knowing the results through many analytical tools, through which the number of site visits, sales volume, and the extent of interaction on the company's social networking pages are known.

• In e-marketing, you will save many expenses that could have been spent on traditional marketing, as e-marketing is less expensive.

• Ease of displaying all the company's products on its online store, which makes it easier for the customer or visitor to see all the products.

• Through e-marketing, you can know the customer's reaction to the product by evaluating it on the site, or the customer's responses and interaction on social networking pages such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


E-marketing in the MENA region is one of the most competitive fields, with spending in this area expected to grow exponentially. The region includes many markets including the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Egypt and many other major markets, mainly, the Arabic language is the common factor in the Middle East and North Africa market.


In 2020, the number of Internet users in the Arab countries was estimated at 183 million, with confirmation that this number is constantly increasing. The number of Internet users in these countries constitutes 72% of the total population, and the Facebook platform is the most used, as the number of its users has reached more than 133 million users, with a penetration rate of 51% until February 2020. Egypt is considered the number one market for Facebook with the presence of 40 million Facebook user in it, while Saudi Arabia is the first market for the Twitter platform, where users of this platform constitute 38% of the population, and then Turkey, where the number of Twitter users constitutes 13% of the population.


The advertising market is still witnessing a major shift towards e-marketing, and according to statistics, the Internet accounted for 44.2% of the total advertising spending in 2020, while spending on television decreased to 30%. It is worth noting that spending on traditional channels is decreasing dramatically with spending on newspapers declining to only 1.9%, and experts expect more changes in the coming years due to the increase in online broadcasting and the YouTube platform, which leads to a decrease in spending on TV while spending on video channels will increase digital.





Email Marketing Statistics



E-marketing in the MENA region witnessed a massive increase between 2010 and 2015, and according to the statistics, digital advertising has increased by nearly 600%, with spending on digital advertising reaching more than one billion in 2017 and after that, the growth started to stabilize.

Forecasts show a decline in 2020 due to Covid-19 affecting many industries such as tourism, exhibitions, retail and automobiles.





Digital Marketing Tips in the MENA Region

Define the personality of the consumer


Do you have a clear understanding of the consumer culture in the GCC? This is the first question to be asked clearly and loudly. The buying decision is strongly influenced by the culture of the family and the community as well as the market orientation, as the Arab buying decision is different from individual decisions in markets such as Europe and the United States.


Social Media Marketing in the GCC


It is important to understand that social media marketing is not limited to Facebook and Instagram, however we have to understand that choosing the right social media channel is the cornerstone of creating a social media strategy as each platform has a specific function and effectiveness rate, it is important to understand Instagram, for example, for Arab consumers, is more about entertainment and trends.


Google Ads and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) in the GCC


GCC countries are an important consumer looking for products and services, and Google ads like ads launched on search engines are a very effective way to reach consumers in this region in a short time and attract potential customers at a lower cost. Google Shopping is now active in all GCC countries, providing a great opportunity for e-commerce, however PPC and SEO marketing in Arab countries require professional skills in ad setup and continuous improvement.



Optimizing your visibility in search engines and content marketing


Improving appearance in search engines in the Arab region is one of the most effective digital marketing services for companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan had the largest share of online content sharing, and with the emergence of search engine optimization services and raising awareness in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, it became The market is more competitive and has reached maturity for some categories.


Video Marketing in Arabic


Due to demographic and social changes, video is an ideal way to reach the Arab consumer, as the younger generation in the GCC countries consume videos at the highest rate in Saudi Arabia, however video marketing is limited to entertainment content and the content maker in the region is still serving this kind of the demand. The social behavior of regional content regards videos as entertainment rather than educational or educational.

Video is an ideal way to reach the Arab consumer, as the youngest generation in the GCC countries consume videos at the highest rate in Saudi Arabia

Email Marketing


The GCC is an important region for creating massive ads and email campaigns, however the region has not yet reached the full maturity of email marketing as a digital marketing method. There is a huge amount of spam and impersonal campaigns flooding the user's inbox without a proper plan.




Marketing in the Middle East has its own gaps that you can take advantage of, and launch an effective marketing strategy. First, you must possess a solid base of information about the market and possible possibilities. Understanding the consumer does not come directly from published statistics or conducting surveys, but rather requires extensive research in order to obtain Adequate analysis that leads to a profitable marketing strategy.

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