Social Media Marketing Strategies



Social media marketing is one of the most powerful means used to market companies' products or services of any size. as users of networking sites are considered potential customers and any company must try to exploit their activity by communicating directly with them on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, exploiting such sites certainly helps achieve outstanding results at the level of increasing profits or increasing footfall by customers, and also creating new selling opportunities.


Social media marketing is a type of online marketing that involves using social media networks to achieve the company's sales goals and promote the brand name. This type of marketing includes activities such as publications, photos, videos and any other content that attracts more customers, as well as the use of page promotion or publications.





The impact of social media on marketing



Social media marketing has become one of the most important marketing methods as it has proven capable of achieving investment goals and improving sales figures. The number of social network users is over 3 billion worldwide, and when they browse social media content, this opens up endless opportunities for brands and companies to promote their products and services using social media platforms.


Social network marketing has a positive impact on your store as it offers an opportunity for the general public to find you or get to know you on those platforms. One of the most important effects of social media marketing is that it gives you the opportunity to quickly reach out to your target customers, stay in constant contact with them and respond to their inquiries quickly and effectively. It also enables you to know your competitors by perusing their pages across these networks.


1. Impact on the number of visitors to the site: Certainly social media directly affects the number of visitors to the site.


2. Impact on people's knowledge and knowledge of the product: Your presence and presence on social media platforms helps you reach more audiences directly and inform them of the product or service you provide. Being present and present on social media platforms is a foothold for you to arrive and connect with more social media audiences through the content you provide.


3. Impact on customer service level by using social media marketing you will be able to impress users of these sites by offering effective, direct and timely customer service.


4. Effects on competition When you don't have a social media presence, you will automatically lose that advantage to your competitors. Not attending on social media will deny you all the advantages of social media platforms.


5. Effects on Sales Marketing across social media platforms has a higher rate of transforming prospective customers into actual customers by 100% compared to outdoor marketing methods (Outbound Marketing) which involves the company coming out and pursuing the customer through advertising


These studies show that social media marketing is critical for all brands, whether large or small, and also for those trying to boost their sales.



The importance of social media in marketing



90% of marketing experts have said that social networking marketing increases the popularity of their products.

91% of retail brands use at least two social media platforms.

84% of corporate CEOs and vice presidents say they use social media to help them make purchasing decisions.

More than 50 million small businesses use Facebook pages to connect with their customers.

Customers reportedly spend 20% to 40% more money on brands that interact with them on social media.

It is reported that 49% of 18-29-year-olds make the purchase after watching an advert on a social media page.

77% Twitter users report being relieved about companies responding to them directly from the company's official Twitter account.

93% of Pinterest platform users purchase products or plan to purchase products through them.

71% of customers who have purchased via social media site advise their friends or family to buy the same product.



Benefits of marketing on social media



1. Product recognition: When you have a strong presence on Social Media, it will be easy for your current or potential customers to reach you directly. Today with a huge number of network users, your investment has the opportunity to reach a huge audience. And you have the potential to spread positive stories and special news about what you're providing products or services to get people comfortable and convinced of what you're offering.


2. Increase in the number of visitors to the site: Social media increases your outlets to attract more visitors to your website. Every page on the networking sites is a potential path leading to your website and every post on the communication pages represents a new opportunity to show the value of your product and give visitors and followers a reason to visit your website. Ultimately, these visits could lead to more potential customers and increase the transfer rate as well.


3. Client indicators: Social media sites have huge amounts of data from customers and active users and using listening or social inclusion methods and interacting with your followers you can learn more about your customers, where they want to spend their time, what interests them, what they think about your brand, about your competitors and your field of work. This in turn can help you engage them more effectively with the content you offer, your ads and messages.


4. Multi-channel campaigns: Customers today use many electronic channels to search for a product and move around a lot between them. - From the website to social networks to email to social networks again - and the media play an important role in influencing their decision to buy so when you make marketing through these means a central pillar of your marketing strategy you have the advantage of reaching your audience through messaging wherever they are and no matter where they may be.




Marketing method on social media





1. Strategy: Before going deeper into posting something on social media let's step back and look at the topic from a broader perspective, our first step is to think about the strategy we follow when using media marketing style. What are your goals? And how does the means of communication enable you to achieve them? Some companies aim to increase customer knowledge about the brand while others aim to increase the number of visits to their websites. It's also possible that the media can help you create interaction and dialogues about your product or create a consumer community around it, so this is exploited to deliver the signature service to your customers.


2. Communication skills: As your business develops and grows and is marketed across the media, so too will the interactions have associated with your brand. Customers will comment on your posts or refer to you in their posts and even correspond with you via private. People may also talk about your products and brand without your knowledge, so you have to monitor and evaluate these conversations and therefore when you find positive comments you will have the opportunity to surprise and delight your audience, albeit negative comments you will be able to address and correct the situation before things get worse.


3. Analysis: Depending on the above, whether you post content or share it on social media, it would be wise to gauge the success of your marketing process. Will it reach more customers than the number reached in the past month? How many positive signs did you get during the month? How many people have interacted with your brand hashtag in their posts?


4. Promotion: The promotion process allows you to reach a wider audience than those who originally follow you. Nowadays after promotion is such an effective medium on social media platforms that you can identify which audience to target, and you can also identify this target audience based on their demographics, interests or behaviors.



Social media undoubtedly considers the global Internet Revolution to be the world's newest event with its doorstep being the inner world to the outside world. Social media plays into increasing sales ratios and increasing business activity, all you have to do is properly employ all the different means to achieve the required marketing goals.





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