What is the meaning of Dropshipping?




A two-word term, but there are many who refer to it as one word and write like this Dropshipping, Its literal Arabic translation means dropping the shipping process, and the shipping paths are a business online species belonging to the world of e-commerce, The online store does not hold inventory, but once the buyer makes a purchase order from one of the products displayed in the online store, The store, based on it, makes a third-party purchase order, and the third-party (wholesaler, supermarket or manufacturer) by shipping the product directly to the buyer


The most important traits of the Drop Shipping


You don't necessarily have to own an e-store to start Dropshipping.


There are a lot of marketers who use popular e-stores, as an alternative platform to display products, for example, you can use the Ebay store as a platform to display products from Express in the way Dropshipping paths.


Also, you can use social media sites as a platform to showcase products. In the Dropshipping Paths your shop does not play a major role in the trade process, but is merely an intermediary. The main pillars of the trade are: the factory that does the production process, the wholesaler that buys from the factories for resale to the retailer, and the retailer that sells directly to the consumer (this represents most types of online stores in general).


Working in the shipping tracks, your e-store is just a channel that connects the consumer to the merchant or manufacturer that provides the shipping routes.


The Dropshipping don't need much money.


As the owner of the Dropshipping store, you will make the purchase from the wholesaler after you receive the order from the consumer, here you don't have to keep any inventory, that won't make you need significant money to start, but that of course doesn't mean there are e-store special expenses, marketing expenses that you have to keep in mind.


Dropshipping is quite a hidden process for a buyer.


Your own store is the interface the buyer will handle, and the product is supposed to reach the buyer and its cover has your store's name and logo on it. The buyer in Dropshipping will not know anything about the wholesaler who owns the product.


You don't necessarily have to rely on a single product source.


In the Dropshipping paths you can showcase thousands of products from very different sources, this is a very important feature, the diversity in products will attract more buyers, and help achieve more sales. But on the other hand, the diversity of product sources may be a cause of buyer discomfort (e.g. if the buyer purchases two products simultaneously, but from two different sources, this would make it logically anticipate their arrival simultaneously, because they are assumed to be directly from your store). As the owner of the Dropshipping store you have to expect it and prepare for it.


The Dropshipping paths made the e-commerce process very easy and fast.


The simple idea underpinning Dropshipping Paths, it gives anyone the opportunity with some simple skills to get into the world of e-commerce. This is an advantage for you, but an advantage for all your competitors as well, hence this greatly elevates the level of competition in the Dropshipping Paths. This entails the inevitability of lowering the profit margin for good sales.


What do I need to start on DropShipping?

1- Building an electronic store


There are plenty of solutions and options available to create an e-store, these solutions vary among themselves according to cost and ease, but any of them can be relied upon to create an e-store for Dropshipping.


2- Contracting of Dropshipping Wholesalers


This is a very sensitive and important point. There are a lot of suppliers that operate in the way of shipping paths, who are probably wholesalers, big shops, factories. You have to make your choices here precisely and according to your own circumstances, including the target market (the country you want to sell your products in), whether the supplier allows the products to be shipped to them or not, and also the nature of the products you want to sell, as well as the prices supplied by the suppliers and the extent to which they fit with you.


3- Adjustment of payment to buyers and suppliers


In the case of working in the Dropshipping paths business, you have to adjust the means of payment for buyers from your store, and you also have to determine the means by which you will pay suppliers. At this point there are plenty of options too, the most important of which is PayPal, which on the one hand is an acceptable means of payment for the majority of suppliers, and on the other hand you can easily tune into your e-store to be the means of receiving money from buyers.


4- Create a marketing plan and build a brand for your store


Your success at Dropshipping depends heavily on your success in marketing, working to make your store public among potential buyers. This includes making advertising campaigns on Social Media and on Google Ads. Also to watch out here is that marketing starts in terms of price setting, thoughtful targeting of the most appropriate market...



Top 10 wholesale Dropshipping sites you can use


Dropshipping sites allow them to make ads for the product and market it as will, thus saving them the effort of managing the pantry and hiring users for it, so it's no wonder that this becomes the first way of selling online par excellence.


The key to success in trade by dropshipping is certainly the supplier, the wholesaler from which you buy your products, so in this article we put together a list of the top 10 Drop shipping sites with an overview of each site.


1- AliExpress


website Founded in 2012, AliExpress in China parallels Amazon, selling millions of products from various fields. Drawing its power from its Alibaba range, the site offers unparalleled prices and features a strong reputation and always availability on the best deals.



2- DHgate

A well-known Chinese wholesale site that allows dropshipping, founded in 2004, is one of the oldest in the business with more than 4 million customers from 230 different countries. The site offers excellent electronic products at competitive prices. We definitely advise you to try it.




3- SheInside

Since its launch in 2008, more than a million products have been sold by dropshipping through it. This Chinese site basically offers clothing and accessories and has a score of 6/10 on the Trustpilot website as a result of customer opinions and reviews.





4- Tmart

Has the advantage of having warehouses outside China, in countries like Britain, Hong Kong and America and that makes dropshipping to these or nearby countries more accessible. It basically displays electronic products but that doesn't mean it doesn't have other products, the site has products from more than 100 different categories.




5- DealExtreme

The site was founded more than 10 years ago and is one of the most popular sites providing dropshipping in the world. It offers good products at competitive prices to most online wholesalers. This site is also characterized by free shipping, which stimulates and encourages most sellers to buy and sell through it.


6- MiniInTheBox

Opened in 2010, the site offers premium products at competitive prices but specializes only in electronics. Specialization in only one category appears to be useful, as the site includes outstanding vendors from more than 170 countries.





A German site that has stores in the Netherlands and offers quality products. The site is considered small compared to the rest of the sites on the list. However, it has more than 50 thousand clients. The site displays more than 17 thousand different products and new ones are added to the site each week.



8- PandaHall

It's the best location to sell in a dropshipping way for jewellery and beads.



Dropshipping paths problems and how to

overcome them!


Dropshipping problems and how to overcome them! All the advantages we mentioned earlier make it seem to everyone very easy and attractive to anyone who wants to start their e-business, but like any other business there is a range of flaws so if you want to have flexibility and comfort you also realise that it has some downsides to consider.

• Low profit margins

Due to the ease of getting started in this business and the low overhead cost, its market has become fierce and has a lot of competition which makes a lot of competitors offer the same products as yours but at lower prices in an attempt to boost sales, and these competitors usually have poor quality websites and poor customer service but that doesn't stop customers comparing prices.


Solutions to overcome the problem

You can overcome this issue if you choose products and the right place via less competitive outlets, then you'll have proper profit margins. It should also bear in mind that at some point your sales will start to stabilize and that primary goal in the Dropshipping model that enables you then to get a reasonable amount of profit.


• Difficult handling of shipping matters

You can choose and display many products but this important feature may flip into one of the most important drawbacks because it's simple and smooth as long as you have one supplier that the customer makes the order and you process it and the supplier delivers it, but the problem starts when you have many suppliers.


For example, If a customer chooses more than one product available at different suppliers then you will have to incur several separate shipping charges to send each item to the customer it would never be wise to make the customer bear that cost.


• You can't fully control and control things

One of the disadvantages of the shipping paths is that you can't control many things like storing products, meeting customer orders, and shipping. So you may take responsibility for some supplier errors and you should apologize for them and try to deal with them as much as you can because even the best Dropshipping suppliers might make mistakes when shipping.

And low-quality suppliers can expose you to a lot of problems because of poor packaging, delayed shipping or some missing items which are detrimental to the quality of your work.


Solutions to overcome the problem

You can overcome that problem by making sure you choose reputable, high-quality suppliers.


• Some product inventory problems

If you store your own products at the time, it will be easy to find out which items are available in inventory or are close to running out, but when you supply from different destinations you often supply to other merchants, the inventory can change on a daily basis.


Solutions to overcome the problem


Thankfully you can easily overcome this issue because there are a range of apps that allow you to sync with suppliers and be able to see how much inventory they have in real time.


In the end we can say that the Dropshipping is a kind of new field for us as Arabs, the Dropshipping really represent a great opportunity for everyone who seeks to create their own online store, without going into the complexities and costs of owning a store.


The Arab market is growing steadily, and online buying habits are on the rise. Don't be negative and spend your age wishing to get into the field but start today taking practical steps to achieve  your dream. If you're interested in the idea of selling through the internet, and you want to get help you're in the right place.