The importance of Pinterest in E-Marketing and sales 2021

Pinterest is a social media platform, in which users explore visual content (photos and videos), and share what they find entertaining or useful with their friends.

Do you know how important Pinterest is in e-marketing and increasing sales? And do you know the features of this platform among other social media platforms?

Undoubtedly, the multiplicity of social networks and the uniqueness of each with distinct features, have created intense rivalry among social media platforms. Some began to rise above each other. But that doesn't necessarily negate the importance of each platform and the power of its own features.

What is Pinterest Platform?

Pinterest is a social media platform that may not seem so important in the world of e-marketing as compared to other platforms such as; (Facebook-Instagram) Often overlooked by marketers and some entrepreneurs when marketing their businesses!

But with more than 350 million monthly users in its database, we shouldn't get past it without looking at it accurately.

What are Pinterest properties?

A social media platform with visual content (image-based), in which users view, share and store visual content. earmarked for personal and business accounts.

Pinterest's platform is a search engine, just like Google's customary, but different, search results in it are graphics and images, with little space to add text content.

Users can either upload images from their computers or install images and clips they find online using Pinterest.

Posting on Pinterest is a bit different from that on Facebook, and it's called on this platform Pinning or Installation since the platform deals in a similar style to the wooden panels that install the image on it.

You can create your own painting (Board) and name it suitable and related to a field you prefer, and then add photos to this painting, you can navigate pins in any painting or pins for all the paintings combined or between Boards paintings and some.

We know it calls it funny, but it's true and if you try the platform you'll know it's accurate too.) The pins section shows you all the pictures that you've added and saved in your account, and the paintings section shows you the images in the form of the sets for each panel separately.

Why Pinterest?


With nearly 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains the world's largest social platform at a greater rate than the rest of the social media platforms.

But when it comes to attracting new users, studies don't show Facebook outperforming this part, with recent research suggesting Pinterest has taken the lead in increasing users at a 57% growth rate, while Facebook's user count has increased by just 6% by comparison.

That means many individuals are turning to Pinterest, and many big business companies are pouring their attention on this platform because Facebook marketing is not doing well.

While Pinterest was founded with the purpose of being a platform for social commerce, Facebook was founded to be a social media platform only, (and the same for Twitter and Instagram).

So Facebook is now trying to become better suited to the e-commerce business, by adding new marketing tools and updating its page shape, and is also focusing on Facebook's selling feature, in other words, it seems to be trying to evolve to keep up with Pinterest.

Pinterest, on the other hand, continues to have spectacular growth and even outperformed a lot of other social media platforms.


The nature of marketing on Pinterest?

We can summarize the marketing process on Pinterest in a simple sentence: more images and fewer words, where the marketing process centers on adding images of products to be sold whatever they are, usually size 1500 × 1000 pixels and display content vertically.

After designing and adding images of products or services you would like to market, comes the process of publicizing these images, which can be achieved paid for by the Pinterest platform itself, or following some of the strategies and methods related to spreading on this platform and displaying your images to a large audience who are interested in your field.

As it dawned on you from previous lines the core of the marketing process on Pinterest is photos, if the images are liked by a large number of users who will share them, which will bring you prevalence and consequently sales.

Note here that the marketing process is different from its Facebook counterpart where you might combine high quality written content with an attractive image and achieve good results, while Pinterest has the space to write very limited content, so it's important to focus on the image's ability to attract customer attention, requiring innovative and unconventional design.

Marketing Strategy on Pinterest

Like any online marketing medium, Pinterest Marketing needs to apply a specific strategy to achieve its required goals, the overall goal being to market products or services for sale.

This is done by achieving presence and diffusion on this platform, ensuring that the marketer has access to customers interested in the product, hence generating sales through this platform.

In the coming lines, we offer you steps we recommend applying in the said order to access effective marketing on Pinterest.


1. Create a commercial account on the platform

The move gives you access to tools that Pinterest offers you in order to measure and click your photo viewing statistics, and other statistics that help you understand the nature of your customers and measure how your photos affect them.

You can create your own commercial account from within your regular account in the following way:

Go to the home page then head to your account image above the right of the site, press the arrow pointing down next to the image and press Add a free business account.

2. Start by adding high-quality images that express the product or service you're promoting

Make sure you add a photo of each product you promote, don't forget a product or refuse to add it just because you see it won't have its popularity or interaction on this platform.

This is a mistake that many marketers make on this platform, a marketer may notice that one of the products they market for is not popular on one of the other marketing methods they use.

The marketer thinks that the product is the problem and begins to remove it from other marketing methods or does not care about marketing it through new means, without knowing that it may be about the platform itself and the public on it rather than the product itself.

The bottom line is that at the beginning of your use of the platform add all the products you're shopping for, (even those that haven't been popular on any other marketing medium who knows maybe to be a hit on Pinterest) and based on each product's image performance never in elimination or modification.

In any case, Pinterest excels at marketing for handicrafts, decorative works and fashion products more than any other platform, attracting a huge audience of those interested in these products, who have not found their way on other platforms.

3. Choose the right keywords for the product field you're promoting

The space available for writing on Pinterest is limited to product image name and description, although this is very sufficient for marketing on the platform.

However, topping the platform requires the use of keywords that suit the range of the product or service to which it is marketed, which, by the way, are not randomly selected, but are searched for and specific words targeted, which is similar to what site owners do to improve search engines.

You can rely on some of the tools and properties Pinterest provides to help you find suitable keywords for your photos

1.    Automatic search word sequel feature

And they are suggestions that show you when you're looking for a particular word or term, to add to the words you're looking for, and suggest you better arrange the more accurate words and terms to use in your search based on what users are looking for on Pinterest

 .2 Keyword suggestions from on Pinterest


After I searched for Pinterest marketing and more like an automatic sequel feature, Pinterest below the search field showed some research words based on what users are looking for.

The difference between this feature and the previous one is that the number of words proposed is greater, giving plenty of room to choose the right word for the product or service you're shopping for.

 3Search Options

This feature shows you the possibility of identifying your research to be restricted to a particular category, instead of looking for images or Pins and getting a huge number of results that need to be rated.

You can search for photos related to products only by choosing Product Pins or looking for Boards photosets or paintings, from which you can study the most iconic collections, and leverage them in designing your own.

You can select search options by pressing All Pins next to the search field to show you the search options available, as shown in this image

4.   Use More Ideas feature

Another important feature provided by Pinterest and overlooked by many marketers, perhaps because it doesn't appear directly until after your first board is created on the platform.

This feature suggests you have images that suit the nature and scope of your painting, and it also shows you the most famous images that have been added by the most important influencers in your field, that is, they are already successful images and additions that you can study in order to improve your way of displaying and typing product images.

You can access More Ideas by entering your own account and then clicking on Boards and selecting your own photo set or Board which you would like to see new ideas associated with, then click on and then press More Ideas to show you a set of images that suit your group domain.

5. Follow-up to influencers in your field

This may not sound like a feature that Pinterest offers, but we would advise following influencers and those with experience in your field on Pinterest to use their way of marketing, image design, and keywords.

This will help you understand the elements of their success, and then apply them to your marketing style on Pinterest, ensuring you succeed on this platform, because you simply execute what successful people in your field are implementing.

You can reach influencers in your field through the field writer you'd like to search for influencers in, then select search options to be about individuals rather than images and press them, as shown in this photo:

6. Take advantage of other visitor sources to increase your popularity on Pinterest

Do you have a blog where you promote your products in a content marketing way? Excellent Take advantage of your blog visitors and encourage them to share the content they liked on their Pinterest accounts, if you want to follow this method make sure you add the Pinterest button on your blog or location in a clear place for the visitor to facilitate the sharing process.

You can also focus on redirecting the flow of visitors between the means you use in marketing, because sharing a picture from Pinterest on Facebook and vice versa is an excellent way to shift your visitors from one medium to another, and it increases the effectiveness of your presence on these means and platforms.


7. Keep publishing

Your publishing rate or number of posts should not be related to the number of products you shop for, you can post everything related to your domain such as tips and guidance.

You may be surprised that your customers' interaction with these posts is greater than their interaction with images of your products, which is not a bad thing but quite the opposite, it means that you are offering benefit to your customers, proving to them that your presence on the platform aims not only to sell your products but also to offer useful content

8. Interact with your publications

We don't mean the weird behavior that Facebook users sometimes do, when they like the posts they've added themselves to their personal pages on the platform!

Rather, we mean to interact with your customers on your posts, because you will inevitably receive feedback on the photos and posts you will add on Pinterest, don't ignore these comments but engage with them with a duty to ask your followers questions or thank them for their helpful comments.

This increases the interaction on your posts, which Pinterest favors, and therefore sees your account and the content you offer as useful, and begins to suggest it to other users interested in your field, increasing the number of your followers and the number of audiences you can market your products in front of.

9. Choose the right timing to post photos of your new products

The timing of posting photos or Pins is one of the most important factors for your success in marketing via Pinterest, as is posting on any other social media platform, and the timing here means several factors:

• Timing throughout the day.

• Timing throughout the week.

• Publication on special events and holidays.

You can see the timing for posting with the statistics Pinterest provides you, which by paying attention to and reviewing it you can see which of the images you posted met with interaction, when and which of them were ignored or met with poor interaction.

Note that timing monitoring means monitoring the pattern of interaction, so be accurate in your calculations so that you don't confuse impaired interaction due to timing with poor interaction due to other factors, such as poor design or your audience's dislike of the product itself.

10. Rely on Google and Pinterest stats to see how your customers interact with product images

Google Analytics is an indispensable tool in following the behavior of your site visitors and customers, and if you start monitoring and reviewing it with the statistics Pinterest provides you in the commercial account, images that achieve the best interaction, or that do not achieve the desired success with customers, can be easily accessed.

And then you can adjust your strategy to suit these statistics, you can post images that achieve significant interaction or use them in paid promotional campaigns, and you can modify image designs that don't achieve popularity, interaction, change or even remove their own written content entirely.

11. Rely on paid promotion from time to time

The fact is that using paid promotion on social media platforms is an oppressed strategy on all sides because social media platforms want to convince you that achieving sales without them is impossible, while a huge number of their users see it as not working well enough.

The answer is not very clear. Both parties are right, but both parties ignore many factors. Paid promotion will actually bring you sales, but it depends on your strategy to use it.

When, for example, we talk about using paid promotion when marketing on Pinterest, we recommend selecting the best products you shop for, which you've already had a good interaction with your customers to promote.

Don't promote a product that hasn't been liked by your audience, because that will make you spend a lot of money and make a few sales (and it may not make sales at all), because simply paid promotion often helps you reach an audience that is more interested and faster than traditional methods, but it won't force your customers to interact, buy or dislike a low-quality product.

More clearly enlist paid promotion from time to time, and for products that have proven successful with you and met with acceptance with a good number of customers, and so you want to reach out to a greater number of customers to increase your sales of them, but traditional publishing can't.



In this article, we discussed Pinterest marketing and although it is considered one of the most successful means of online marketing, it is not wildly prevalent among marketers in the Arab world.


Perhaps because the platform does not fully support Arabic like Facebook and Twitter, or because Arabic is not among the languages that can be chosen when dealing with its interface.


But this does not affect the platform's success at all in the Arab countries, as its users in these countries have already prepared them large, and is on the rise making it a breeding ground for marketing and a powerful way to attract a different segment of the public.


Have you ever used Pinterest in marketing or even in social networking? We shared your opinion on the comments about the effectiveness of this platform as an online marketing medium and as a social media platform.

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