The 5 Factors to Consider Before Redesigning Your old Website

to a modern and advanced one

Redesigning your old website has become a very important need and even caters to your customers. But before you redesign your website, you have several things in your mind. Read this article and you will know these considerations.

1. Collect all the important information that helps you to build your website:

This is through the collection of important information and data that you would like to add to the site where the designer and programmer help to redesign the site. That will help reduce time and cost.

You should also know which pages you want to keep it on your site and which ones you want to exclude or want to change. It should be placed before the website development and design company that will deal with the following:

  • A list of all the pages you want on the site


  • List of commodity specifications, price, photos and all information

  • Corporate Vision

  • A list of all company information such as contact data like email, phones and addresses.

  • It is also important to clarify the most important information you have and which you want to highlight the most.

2. Design High-quality logo in many formats:

If you want to design a new logo or continue with the same old one.

You should provide a number of formulas for high-quality faces.

The presence of a number of sizes and formulas helps the web designer to work more comfortably and better display it on site. Among the necessary formulas are PNG, vector file and all known image formats. As well as different symmetrical colors serving the site such as light and dark colors.


3. Using a professional designer and photographer:

Graphic Design is more spread than content writing. So using attractive, high-quality images that reflect the impression of your brand and make it more prevalent. And the web developer can use ready-made photos, but they won't give a soul to the products you want to market and sell.

So before you start redesigning your old website, you have to hire a professional photographer to show off your products and services and a professional designer can also show designs more attractively and also be used in online promotional and marketing campaigns.

4. Make your decision for what is the most important thing for your company:

Your site must have a main offer or feature, so you should start preparing this feature for the designers and developers to show it in the most attractive locations on your website.

Among the most popular of these features on the websites are the following Commodity offers:

  • Free goods or discount coupons

  • Registration for Online Course

  • Sign up for an online discussion

  • Registration in the newsletter

  • Download a free e-book

  • Free or discounted consultations

  • Watch a feature promotional video

  • Infographic offers important advantages for your company

  • Free tickets to events

  • Get a free trial of the service

    5. Expect your customers' behaviors and customize a special design for them:

    Expecting the behavior of your company's main customers, it helps a lot in deciding which design is right for them.

    For example, Arabian clients have a culture that may differ from those in European countries. The technology used also varies, with smart mobile devices abounding in the Arab with high-speed internet speeds. Target ages also differ in their behaviors as well as interests. For example, young people have different behaviors from middle-aged clients and so on. And before you start redesigning your website, you have to answer these questions:

    Who are the targeted clients?

    What is the geographical scope of your target clients?

    What are the interests of each of your customers?

    What are the ages of each of your clients?

    What devices do they get into?

    How can I assign each category a special design to them?

    And surely after you consider all these factors before redesigning your site, you'll be able to choose the best design for your company and develop sites like my technology that suits you. And then get the best results you want.

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