Shipping in e-commerce


Whether your online business is small or you have a big daily sales stream, you'll know that increasing your knowledge of e-commerce shipping is a very important topic for your e-commerce smoothness.


What does e-commerce shipping mean?


E-commerce shipping includes all services required to move products online from a retailer to a customer delivery destination. With the right partner, e-commerce shipping can be easy to manage, affordable and fast.


Basics in charging for e-stores


There are important things and fundamentals that your knowledge helps you to reduce the problems you may have in the process of shipping your products to your customers in different countries.


1. Your knowledge of the weight of your products


The weight of the product to be shipped is often different from the actual weight of the product itself. To illustrate this, we give you the following two examples: If your product is crockery, the weight of the vessels themselves may not be heavy, but to ship them safely from country to country shipping companies will wrap them in materials such as airbags, sponges or bubble rolls and small spongy granules. These shipping materials, such as a corrugated cardboard box, are all added to the total weight of the shipment.


Which will calculate the cost of shipping based on it. One of the wrong practices of retailers is their interest in reducing the weight as much as possible to lower the freight price at the expense of the product's safe arrival. Without looking at the long run, many customers don't return to buy from an e-store after a bad delivery experience.


In the second example the weight of the product may be very light and not fractionable - as a large teddy bear the size of a 5-year-old child - in this case shipping companies will calculate the cost of shipping based on volume weight. Knowing the weight of your products will help you to estimate shipping costs.


2- Duration of shipment


You can clearly explain to your customers what to expect about charging multiple products: whether they will arrive together or if they are sent separately as an option; Evaluate which is more economical and which option the customer interacts with best. He also decided whether to allow the products to be shipped to multiple addresses, or if multiple individual purchases should be made instead.


3- International shipping


For international shipping solutions, shipping agencies offer very economic prices. What's important is to offer your customers the cost of international shipping upfront, both on the product page itself and separately on a Q&A page. Don't forget that sending products abroad entails attaching documents you have to order from the responsible office. Explain in your shipping policy that you are not liable for any domestic tariffs in every country.


4. Fast Delivery


Fast charging is expensive, but more and more customers are opting for next-day or same-day charging service for local shipping. If your store provides fast charging, show the full price of your shipping company's fees. Most fast-charging companies include special fast-charging plans that benefit e-store owners.


5- Freight costs are an essential part of your project


You have to understand that shipping expenses, are an important part of operating your project, just as choosing your products carefully and paying to buy them equals the importance of investing your money to choose a shipping service that suits your project.

Your business is not interrupted by the completion of the sale from your store but lasts for the time the product is delivered to your customer and sometimes beyond. On some orders you will lose some money, shipping costs may be higher than you would expect for certain reasons, or when the customer returns the product - subordinate to your recall policy, or when the global shipping company loses your package; It's rare for a carrier to lose a parcel but that happens even with FedEx (FedEX) and UPS (UPS). The only solution here is to swallow from a glass of gallbladder to know which companies are less expensive.


Don't worry about it too much, shipping is part of the costs of doing your project, so if you look at an application individually, you'll see it could squander your earnings and that you've come away with a loss from the deal. But instead of focusing on each order in private, try to make most of the sale profitable. Think about shipping costs per week or month instead of each separate piece per order.


6- Shipping insurance


Shipping insurance provides compensation to dispatchers whose packages were lost during the shipment process. If you're shipping expensive products, you may need to consider shipping insurance, which could significantly increase the cost of shipping.


7- Tracking of shipments


When charging an order, make sure the tracking number is passed to the customer. The number lets you track the charge every step of the way - and your customers can do the same.




What is free shipping?



Free shipping is an additional service offered by e-stores and online shopping sites as the shopper does not incur any additional expenses on the original product value especially costs associated with the shipping process whatever the size and number of products they have purchased.


How does free shipping affect your sales percentage?


The word "free" itself has a magical effect on buyer behavior. Studies have shown that 93% of online buyers are encouraged to buy more products if the option of free shipping is available. And that 86% of shoppers are holding back on buying because of the cost of shipping. Adding a free shipping feature will inevitably increase your sales especially if the buyer has made the decision to buy.


According to statistics, retailers offering a free shipping feature in their stores are seeing sales growth of 10%. And in fact, sales aren't the only thing that increases. Free shipping also increases average revenue per user and this often leads shoppers to add more products to their shopping basket for free shipping.


Why are channels advising you to provide free charging feature in your e-store?


As mentioned earlier, free shipping is a mainstay of e-stores, and today shoppers expect all e-commerce sellers to offer some form of free shipping. And now, here are 4 other key reasons you can be encouraged to provide the free charging feature in your e-store now:


1. Increase your competitiveness


Offering a free shipping service immediately puts you in a "free shipping club" in shoppers "minds and puts you within their core e-shopping options like major commercial sites that include Amazon, Walmart, Souq, Namshi, and other big e-commerce sites.


2- It makes it easier to shop


Free shipping allows shoppers to browse and add items to the shopping basket for sure. They do not have to calculate the freight costs in their mind while shopping or wonder if there is a surprise ahead when paying.


3. Reduces retreat from purchase


Studies show 61% of shoppers are backing off buying and exiting shopping carts because of high or unexpected delivery fees. 4. Improves search results in your store Many supermarkets such as Amazon allow shoppers the option to filter products based on the type of shipping and delivery. And when you provide free shipping you provide shoppers with access to all products that can be purchased with free delivery and make them more likely to shop from you.

How do you provide free charging in your e-store?


You may now wonder how to afford free shipping without material losses or reducing your earnings ratio. This may seem impossible to you. But today's network of channels offers you many ways and strategies that will inevitably help you provide free shipping in your e-store without physical costs. There are two basic ways you can offer free shipping, namely:


1. Conditional free shipping: Specific conditions are set and accordingly the free shipping feature is offered. Like having a minimum order threshold that we find in the Nimshi shop that provides free shipping if the order value is AED 100 or more.


2. Free, unconditional shipping: Applied by offering free shipping for all types of products and orders such as Amazon Prime, which provides this feature without regard to the type, value or quantity of the order.


How to find the right shipping company for your e-store


Shipping is one of the most important factors and ingredients that help your e-store succeed and achieve your business goals with business, so your shipping partners should be carefully scrutinized and selected and careful to research well before making agreements for the process of delivering your products to the customer.


The shipping company is the only physical link between your brand and your customers, it is largely responsible for making a good impression on your brand and expressing your position and importance in general, and this hidden face that the cargo delivery company delivers to the customer, along with the apparent face which is the products.


How to choose the right shipping company for your e-store


The shipping company is responsible for delivering other moral matters other than shipments to customers, which is your business standing, your interest in customers, your eagerness to earn customer loyalty, all of these things are accountable to the product shipping company indirectly and you actually execute them without taking into account or any prior agreement with you but automatically while delivering your products to customers.


That is why choosing a large and well-established company responsible for successfully achieving all these objectives of completing the shipment process is essential, and below we offer you the most important conditions and criteria that the shipping company that you will agree with to deliver the shipments of your e-store:


Appropriate budget:


You're the only person with the ability to define the budget and cost of shipping operations. That's why you have to define the budget for shipping agreements before you look for companies and make a deal with them, The selection order becomes easy and dependent on factors that have been seized before and you don't have to accept any of the agreements and then you have obstacles and problems that may hinder your work and affect the completion of sales at your store and affect your relationship with your customers as well. Do not lose sight of the fact that, as mentioned earlier, shipping companies are responsible for conveying your interest and appreciation to your customers as well as their delivery of shipments.


Meet the needs of your store:


An important thing to consider when choosing the right shipping company for your store is that this company has all the services you need to meet the needs of your store and your customers, for example if your store works to deliver shipments internationally outside your country's borders, you will have to search and agree with a shipping company with this service which is the ability to deliver shipments internationally anywhere in the world.


And it's not necessary to have both these and the conditions in the same shipping company, you can agree with a shipping company for internal delivery and agree with another shipping company that makes external or international delivery, but it's important to deal with a company that meets all your needs to alleviate many problems and obstacles you may face in the future. For example, details of shipments such as weight and size, you have to make sure that the company has the right tools to fit different types of shipments and is there a limit to the weight and size of the shipment or not? All these details must be ascertained in order to avoid troublesome problems and impediments in the future.


Quality standards:


It's also important to take into account the quality of service that any shipping companies that will agree with will offer you. The quality assurance that you will provide to your customers is one of the most important characteristics that you have to choose in the company than looking for the integration of properties in one company, Many business owners want time, effort and agreement with one multi-service company to meet their desired needs and neglect the importance of the quality of these services.


That's why it would be better to agree with more than one shipping company, each of which provides you with a different service, but it's enough to be of a high quality. To help you earn your customers forever and to gain their satisfaction with your services.


Ensure safe delivery of shipments:


Ensuring the safety of deliveries is important that you should not lose sight of checking them and making sure they are available, and how can you be sure of this? By knowing how and how shipments are delivered and delivered to customers and what modes of movement are used during this shipping company business owners may not be interested in inquiring about the way shipments are delivered and be surprised over time that it is unprofessional and professional and has caused damage and damage to shipments, Do not hesitate to inquire about all these details and ensure that the company and its employees enjoy the safety and security of the business.


Provide tracking feature:


Selecting a shipping company that provides a shipment tracking feature for you and the customer is one of the best shipping companies that saves you a lot of customer monitoring pressure, and provides you and your customers with comfort and flexibility when tracking their shipments and knowing when to deliver them. This feature is responsible for making your customer aware when you start shipping the product and as you move it on the way to it, and following it up to its customer destination, which is something many customers prefer today.


Reputation and reputation:


Yes Not all iconic companies have the good qualities and traits to contract and work with, but not that intended, it's possible that the company could be a new startup but one with a historical record and good reputation during its short business journey as opposed to that of big, popular companies.


It is therefore important to seek out the valuation of former customers and competitors of companies before agreeing with the company, and to ensure that the company has a good reputation in the commercial market and among e-store owners so that it is not swindled or stolen.


Ease of communication:


Providing easy communication routes for you and your customers from the conditions to be met with your store product shipping company to ensure prompt response at any time both in normal communication within the business plan and in the event of any problems or impediments specific to your business steps or between the company and the customer, Making sure that the company follows an easy and appropriate communication method for those target clients is a necessary step ahead of the agreement. And that takes us for another condition which is to provide a premium customer service to connect with your audience.


Having a strong customer service team:


We also mentioned that shipping and delivery companies make an impression of your e-store and express your appreciation and interest in your customers. , for this agreement with the company to provide a highly professional customer service team with the ability to communicate with customers and the ability to solve any of the sudden and difficult problems will save you a lot of time and annoying things that may happen to you in the future when ignoring any of your customers' problems and inquiries that could lead to their losses forever.


Payment services agree:


Agreeing payment systems with shipping companies is important until each party chooses what suits them, along with determining how and how long to pay when delivering and delivering shipments to customers and how long will it take? It is best to agree on such matters from the outset so that no disturbing impediments occur later, and of course professional shipping companies provide all the protocols for payment matters from the start until the customer chooses what suits them.


Choosing a company to ship your store products can be a difficult decision to have many things and consequences and this shipping company will have a significant impact on your day-to-day operations with your customers, that's why making the decision needs thorough accuracy and research before you make agreements with the right company for your e-store. And, dear reader, the success of your e-store begins with a successful strategy that includes attention to all the details and factors that support your success and that of your store, the most important of which, as we mentioned during this article, is the shipping company responsible for shipping and delivering products to your customers.


It is necessary to look for the most important criteria for choosing this company and what characteristics it must have and to make sure that the process of agreeing on its availability is completed in order to ensure the success of shipping products and to ensure that your customers win forever and gain their satisfaction and loyalty to your e-store.


And ultimately, what can be said is that free shipping is a great marketing tool to boost sales and limit the percentage of rollbacks from the decision to buy and get out of the shopping basket in the last minute.


But before providing this service, study all the ways you can offer free shipping in a permanent and lucrative way. Hopefully the subject of e-commerce shipping has dawned on you.


If you are about to jump before you think and understand it, you will find choosing the courier service not easy. We are with you on your e-commerce journey step by step.