Chat Boot Uses and Benefits

in Marketing and Sales

Chatbot or as it's known as a smart response or an automated response It's an interactive digital technology that does the same thing as a real human being, it's a quasi-real simulation that helps complete tasks and accomplish them accurately, but faster. And there are many examples that we can mention, the most famous of which is the Chatbot, known for its Serie or Google Assistant, for example. But it interacts by writing and not by speaking or speaking, a sophisticated system that helps companies respond to all their customers "conversations and messages automatically through responses or messages recorded according to customized or generic templates that have been predetermined according to the goals and purposes of each business.

It's a smart robot that does more than one job at the same time without breakdowns or obstacles. through which companies can identify and track potential customers and attract new customers, Also, with that smart response, she will be able to respond to all her customers' conversations automatically. Whether directly from WhatsApp or by compiling all customer messages from all social media platforms like Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Skype or e-mail, etc. Certain dates can be set depending on your employees' hours or working hours for a chatbot when your employees are busy or out of schedule and on holidays, You can even schedule messages to be sent on time with replies or messages recorded according to ad hoc or generic templates and with infinite numbers. which allows you to maintain constant, continuous and interactive communication with your customers to improve and enhance customer experience and ultimately earn their trust and belonging.


In this blog, we will brief you on cases of chat boot use in both the areas of customer service, marketing and sales. But first, let's get to know some of the key points about robotic chat bots.



In general, a robot is a software designed to perform certain tasks automatically. The goal of conversation robots is for them to have text or voice conversations with humans. This is done by designing conversation robots to mimic how a human behaves when they talk to other humans, and so they can answer questions and have conversations in their place.



Cases of chat-boot use in customer service


1. Using Chat Boot to Answer Questions and Inquiries

Suppose a company holds a pre-event, the company promoted it through marketing, hoping to attract as many attendees as possible. It is now up to the customer service team to direct attendees and answer their questions.

If attendance is a little bit - 20 to 50 people for example - that's not a difficult task. But what if 1,000 people turned up at the company event? Or 5000? Or even 10,000? What will happen in this case! ؟


In this case, providing high quality support and guidance will never be an easy task. Therefore, using chat pot here - thanks to its 24/7 presence and ability to react immediately - will be very helpful.


Corporate Chatbot usage makes customer service department time from limited on-the-day to 24/7 service and even instant response capability

A company that organizes an event as a conference, seminar or chat boot preparation workshop can answer some common questions such as:


o What's the cost? And where do you get it?

o How do I get to the place?

o Who will speak at this event?

o What is the event agenda?

o Are there any hotels nearby


2.  Use chat bot to find products, check inventory, advise customers on certain items

Sometimes the only obstacle that stands between you and completing the sale is the customer's inability to execute a simple procedure such as finding the product they want or the way they execute the purchase.

In such a case, a customer is simply looking for an easy way to contact a customer service agent to help them solve their "problem." This problem can be as easy as inquiring about the type of commodity, or it can be more complex as making sure a commodity is available and the speed of shipping is available.

For a customer service agent, these are stressful tasks. Inventory verification can be done through the customer's search and visiting the product page. As for answering queries, customer service agents know that searching and suggesting a particular product can take a lot of time.

One solution to help save customer service agents some time - in order to have the opportunity to serve other customers - is to provide chat pot to deal with these kinds of questions. Here's why:

• Chatbot is quick to search for data: a customer service agent will have to manually check whether a product is in stock. With its quick ability to search your website database, Catboat can provide an instant answer.


• Chatbot can make personalized recommendations: you can set up your own chat bot to make certain recommendations and ask your customers some questions. Based on these customer responses, Chatbot can make suggestions that are consistent with what the customer is looking for.


3. Use of ChatBot to process the return and replacement requests

One of the most common requests customer service agents receive from customers is for return and replacement requests. Companies often have a clear policy to handle such requests. This means, for customer service agents, making most returns and replacements is a recurring and monotonous task.


So, if the chat bot is designed to implement the company's return and replacement policy, it can easily execute these tasks rather than your company's customer service agents.




Cases of Chatbot Use in Marketing

4. Using Chatbot to attract potential customers using sales approach

Many companies today invest a lot in sales teams to find and transform customers. Their goal here is to reach out to uninterested customers to boost their interest in the company's products and services.

Nowadays, another effective approach for companies is to focus on customers already interested in their products, such as website visitors. Sales teams often refer to these customers as "potential customers," people who have already interacted with the company's website and are more likely to make the purchase. Often, these customers are looking to buy your products but need time and/or help to finish the purchase.

The sales team will not be able to communicate directly with all of your potential customers, because site visits are anonymous and there is no way the company can identify and communicate with customers who visited its website.



The best option would be to add Catboat to your website's homepage. This chat bot can be designed to ask your customers
questions to guide them to your products and how to complete the payment process




5. Using Chat Boot to Help Create More Effective Email Listings


If companies want to collect their customers' email accounts, their potential customers, and even visitors to the site, they usually have no choice but to use a form for a customer to fill out. This model can be a pop-up on the entire page or a small model in one corner that is barely visible. While these models are already a success, most people simply shut down or ignore these models. That's because it's seen by many as a kind of ad, as well as feeling like it's muddying the experience of browsing the website.




Chat bot provides less annoying and more attractive means of gathering information about customers. Unlike traditional models, which ask your customers for email addresses directly and are clearly looking for them, Catboat is trying to start a thoughtful and effective conversation with which to ask a visitor what they would like to do and how they can help them.




6. Using Chatbot to Help You Improve Your Marketing Suppression


Most companies cannot ask their first-time visitor to buy their products and services. Doing so would alienate visitors by making the impression that this company is desperate, potentially pushing back customers.

Instead, what the company should do is make a visitor feel welcome on its website, by listening to its needs and requirements, asking if it is interested in learning about some additional content, such as an e-book, a free email course, or starting with a free trial.


Interacting with visitors in this way is likely to build confidence. Additionally, once they provide their email in exchange for receiving content, the company can send them marketing messages offering them additional products and offers. Over time when these email subscribers receive marketing messages, many will buy products and services provided by the company.


To make visitors feel welcome on the website, using chat bot will be an effective way to achieve this.

Cases of Chatbot Use in Sales

7. Using Chatbot to guide customers and show photos of required products


While companies should try to give their customers a variety of options, they should do so with caution. If companies give customers lots of options, customers may not make the purchase.




Research has already shown that too many options can confuse and frustrate customers, because they make them question their choices rather than feel confident in them. 


Therefore, the best solution would be to categorize products into certain and limited categories, then gently guide visitors through product lists and ask them what products they would like to see.

This makes it easier for the customer to absorb the vast array of products available to make the decision to buy confidently, and faster.





To display products step by step and in a step-by-step style, the company can use chat bot here, which has all the tools needed to execute this method. Chat bot can provide your customers with multi-choice questions, with each question having its own image, text or video. Using this method, Chatbot can ask customers to choose the required product category and then the smaller one, and these choices can be made by customers with just one click. 



This process can be repeated several times with chat bot until the customer has access to products chosen by them, only those products the customer actually wants to see are displayed.

8. Using Chatbot to Do Sales Agents


Each company dreams of working 24/7, serving its customers even after the store closes and the business day ends. But for many medium and small businesses, providing service to customers day and night is not possible. And if you do, hiring staff in your sales department to work 24/7 won't be easy.

And here other solutions stand out, while chat bot is less effective than actual sales agents, it can still get deals done for you great, as well as dealing with customers around the world. With its simple and obvious style of conversation, and its ability to chat using valuable content such as photos, GIFs and videos, Chatbot can make amazing sales if hired to showcase products to your customers.

And that's not all.


Even if a customer doesn't buy a product, a chat bot can still get their email address or personal information about it, send promotions or offer free trials. So, companies or businesses can get a very competent sales agent that can bring them 24/7 sales, at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to build a whole team of sales agents. 




Building Chatbot

Step 1: Select the type of chat bot you want to build


Why are you building a chat robot? What help do you want to achieve for your actual and potential customers? The answers to these questions will guide your choice of the appropriate robot type.

Step 2: Choose the communication channel


You'll need to track your actual and potential customers and provide chat boots on the platforms they prefer to use. Will the robot be employed on your website, on phone apps or on Facebook conversations? It's your clients who determine that.

Step 3: Choose the technical provider for the service


Having identified the customer problems, you want to solve and the platforms you want to use, you now have to select the technical provider for the service. You can pick one of the pre-prepared systems and get chat-bot developers to design your own robot, or you can design yourself by using one of the conversation robot creation platforms.


Step 4: Design the conversation


Once you've identified the service's technical provider, you can build the chat bot by designing virtual conversations. If you do this using one of the platforms that lets you design the robot yourself, the process will be very simple, all you have to do is choose from some pre-prepared responses.

Step 5: Robot Training


If you create a simple chatbot based in its work on pre-prepared bases, you can ignore this move, but if your robot is using artificial intelligence, you first need to train it on a huge set of data. What we want from the robot is for it to be able to understand the intent of its users, and this is done by teaching the robot on all possible questions that customers can ask.


Final words:

Entering and succeeding in the world of e-commerce requires knowledge of all its components and factors, which have proved to be very effective in the recent success of the e-store project.

Chatbot systems are among the most important of those aiding factors in e-commerce that have already proven to be capable and effective in the industry.