The importance of YouTube in e-marketing



It was not expected from the YouTube to revolutionize the world of online visual content It skipped being just a tool for watching fun and entertaining videos, and became a tool of increasing interest to marketers for use in e-marketing and sales. Internet audiences spend a third of all their web activities watching YouTube videos, It has more than 1 billion users and supports 76 global language. Which represents 95% of the world's population, YouTube is arguably the king of visual content. is the second largest internet search engine, allowing branding owners and marketers to display their products in unique ways that are easy for consumers to understand and share. How can this effective tool be used to maximize marketing and sales development results?


YouTube advantages in e-marketing: 


Videos can make a customer spend 80% of their time on your pages which increases e-store sales and generates significant interaction on different social media platforms, and lots of other features. And that's what marketing experts always talk about that videos followed by photos are some of the best types of content marketing, the customer can remember what they're watching more than what they're reading, so you need to pay attention to using videos both on your e-store and through social media or through email.



Private channel: YouTube allows you to create your own channel, enabling you to gain a place on the Internet among all kinds of channels related to the products you offer, You can create and update a series of videos, and add new ones every time about your products, Marketers have the option to create a channel for free, such as regular users, or pay a fee to host a branded channel, giving marketers more options and features to improve their channels.


You can measure: One of the most important strengths of YouTube marketing is the way it allows anyone to track how many views each video records. there are no complex searches or necessary assessments, instead , the number of viewers per video is posted right below the video, and this allows marketers to measure the extent to which videos are received immediately. And how successful they are in finding an audience, which makes it easier for you to choose the best channels to promote your products, you can also see how many people recommend or comment on your video.


Diversity in marketing: In addition to brand channels, YouTube offers other options for marketers trying to reach many site users, These opportunities include buying ads on the main page or buying ads played alongside some videos marketers can also use keywords so that using certain search phrases on YouTube leads to their videos appearing as an option for users, Marketers then pay based on how many users choose to watch their video.


Why should YouTube be used for e-marketing?




One of the downsides of online shopping is the customer's inability to thoroughly scan the product and that's what drives a lot of netizens to roll back the decision to shop and buy through e-stores. But with technological and electronic development they have been instrumental in treating any of the negatives that arise for online shopping or e-commerce in general, And at first one of the ways to address this problem was to show real photos of the product with descriptions on the store so that the customer could see the product closer to reality, so that they could see the product. With the passage of time, it became easier to place an illustration video of the products either on the online store itself or on various social media platforms within the store's e-marketing plan.


We also find that the importance of videos is not limited to enhancing customer buying incentive and increasing store turnover, but extends to the effect of increasing roaming and increasing the number of e-store visitors. where video marketing allows you to accurately list and examine your products in an attractive way and allows you to show all the advantages in your product, which motivates a potential customer to complete the purchase at your e-store.



E-marketing takes new forms every time and this is also an opportunity and challenge for marketers, to see how they adapt and interact with the variables that happen in the market, and YouTube has formed a unique value for marketers looking to increase their audience and attract potential customers interested in growing their sales, and also an opportunity for popular channel owners to profit from the internet by hosting ads. YouTube is the second largest online search engine, and the importance of YouTube marketing is that it helps brands gain power and power in the market, provides companies with a giant platform to win over viewers, building confidence it facilitates interaction and engaging customers. Marketers work to deliver information, value, fun and help consumers solve their problems, which enables you to earn their respect and loyalty.


Because of the incredible amount of content and information available to consumers The Internet has become a competitive arena, attracting the public is not as easy as it used to be. You can attract customers with more than just an ad video, by offering advice, guidance and content that meets the needs of your audience. Your goal should be to create useful, valuable and compelling videos for potential customers and actual customers, and give them the opportunity to post comments and express their views and to interact among themselves, to be able to build credibility for your brand.


How do you use YouTube to boost sales? 

Many marketers resort to buying ads on YouTube channels whose segments record the highest viewership, but your own channel can always be used to promote products and boost sales, here's how to do it:


Create your own channel

By creating your own channel, you'll give yourself a place in the fun video world that fascinates everyone. The name of the channel has to be on your brand name to give it professional value and to carry your logo and the banner, That will give you a more valuable presence and a more legitimate Internet activity. Using your YouTube channel will provide a distinct way for customers to find your products and learn more about you. For the best results, you can break down videos so viewers can find what they're looking for better, you can organize your videos into different playlists and in a different series, be careful to rank them according to product features, your store history, your product tutorials, or whatever else you'd like to share.


Choose short clips

YouTube videos of less than two minutes get nearly 50% of all views, consumers undoubtedly prefer short clips. Nobody wants to watch a long story about how your company was founded, or a lot of details about your products, light and playful information in two minutes can do the trick.


Consistent content 

A well-designed channel cannot be used if there is no content If you choose to market on YouTube you must commit in the long run, YouTube is a social channel and your prolonged absence may lower your follower interest. You can decide the pace of publishing that works for you, but you might start with one video every month or two weeks. Do not forget to use content related to your brand or its products, whether it is useful, or content for entertainment.



Use tools 

YouTube provides a range of important tools to take advantage of, you can see how often you watch and like, discover the rating of visitation sources and analyze viewers' population data, you can use the captions, which appear on the video surface to direct viewers to other videos, or urge them to sign up for the channel. And others, they must be used wisely and without excess to avoid disturbing viewers of the clips.



Ad using Ed Word 

You can market your videos through paid ads, you can advertise on three domains: as a pre-play ad before watching videos viewers browse; Like banner ads when browsing the web, or as a promoter video when people are looking for similar videos on YouTube, and just like Google Ed Words, you can set your daily budget and choose population information for your target audience, and you'll need to focus on relevant opening words.


Factor the videos you post as you treat the posts, share them on your social media networks, to get the right boom and more views, also swiping videos for influencers to share with their followers It will enable you to get more visits and spread out more. 


The following statistics demonstrate the importance of using video in marketing and promoting your e-store products:


- Through an article on the marketing blog Hubspot, 78% of internet users watch videos constantly every week, and 55% watch them on a daily basis. 

- According to another statistical report from HubSpot Research, more than 50% of internet users and customers prefer to watch videos showing a full and accurate explanation of products than any other type of content. 

- Increase email reading rates when a video word is mentioned in the address or introduction by up to 19%. 

- 90% of online shopping customers according to a questionnaire stated that they make the decision to buy after viewing videos of products more than just reading a descriptive text of them.



Top tips when using video to market your store 


Displaying your e-store's video content can help you boost the percentage of sales while also increasing the number of visitors to your store, and even ensure the success of your video marketing strategy and business plan for viewing videos of your e-store and connecting them to your social media platforms, here are top tips: Identify your target audience



Who is your potential operation?

What character is the buyer targeting? So that you can easily and in the language that resembles him and he can understand it, identifying the target audience segment and identifying its characteristics and characteristics in terms of age, gender, gender and social group makes it easier for you to write and view content in general whatever type, and it also helps you when communicating and responding to their queries.



Defining the goal of creating videos 

Yes, we're talking during this article about the importance of using video to boost sales and how you can make a lot of profits through these videos. However, this does not preclude the existence of many other important marketing objectives, that’s why you have to along with that goal, define the goal of basically creating this video and is it to raise awareness, to connect with the public or to promote your e-store products.



Show what your customers are waiting for 

Besides your marketing goals of creating different videos, you have to keep in mind what your customers are waiting for when making these videos, and make sure that your goals and video content are close to what your customers are actually waiting for, whether it's a product inquiry what details they're actually waiting to hear, and if it's videos to respond to their opinions and queries what are the procedures? 



More important than achieving goals is pursuing and evaluating the progress of their achievement. Is it in the right direction or the wrong direction, which is why setting up evaluation indicators of your online store performance in general, is essential for you not to lose sight of its conduct, and for the performance indicators of video campaign creation goals you will have to follow to see whether your goals and plans actually succeed or not!.



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