The importance of mobile apps



Mobile apps have become indispensable to any internet user over the last decade as mobile apps offer the possibility to do many daily tasks with minimal effort and within seconds to minutes such as online shopping, browsing and ordering desired services such as maintenance services, searching and ordering meals, transferring and receiving money, and following all of your business operations.


The importance of mobile apps to your project is growing day by day, and every day you're late to designing an app for the company you run

you're wasting valuable opportunities in introducing the project, consolidating relationships with existing customers, and even attracting new

customers with ease, not to mention raising sales and increasing revenue that is essentially the goal you're aiming for.


Mobile phone apps achieve many goals for businesses and businesses, the most important of which are:

· Raising brand awareness

· Provide a cost-effective marketing channel and results

· Brand growth in terms of customer number, sales volume and earnings

· Provide effective personal communication channels and solutions aimed at increasing customer confidence and loyalty


Online shopping accounts for more than 54% of people using mobile apps. For online shopping, 89% of customers prefer using mobile apps for e-commerce activities. (E-commerce) about e-commerce sites with the overall mobile e-commerce sales ratio rising to 40% as these apps provide the best possible browsing experience and interaction with your e-store products as you won't have to leave your home and incur costs and trouble navigating and searching different branches and stores to find the most appropriate product for your personal or business needs.



Benefits of mobile applications


The design of a mobile app has become more necessary than before, especially in an era when humans have a strong relationship with their phones, and the number of mobile users has doubled to more than 3.5 billion in 2020.

The mobile industry, with all its operating systems, has steadily grown with mobile design services, so it is not possible to separate the talk of mobile and mobile applications without applications such as the tree without paper. ؟ But it's not the only motivation to follow the rest of the paragraphs to ascertain the benefits of mobile software for projects.


People spend most of their day on the phone, so having an app for your project or company on mobile is a must these days. A 2008 study proved that the average mobile user spends three hours on the phone. More importantly, you usually spend the three hours a day interacting with mobile apps and possibly later on your own app for your business!

In 2014 the number of people using mobile phones surpassed the number of desktop users, with Google releasing its research results on the use of mobile apps in 2013. It included that the most important things users are looking for is travel, health, fashion, restaurants, homes, hiking and cars.


The research also stated that three in 10 customers execute the purchase from mobile apps. These statistics underscore why you and your project need a mobile app.

Don't make your presence just on the website or on social media just because (mobile apps, website and social media sites) make up the successful triangle of your business.


The risk of relying solely on websites is what marketers call a "bought and gone" phenomenon. On the one hand, your reliance on websites only provides the scenario in which a customer finds a great product, buys it, and never returns to the company, they don't follow the company again and therefore don't recognise the latest from new products and updates to old ones.

On the other hand, you risk never finding customers if you settle for mobile apps. These platforms obviously complement each other.


When your company is online, marketing opportunities for your venture become infinite, for example if you're selling hand sanitizers, with a simple search of the Internet you can find websites and blogs that address the public interested in these products, book advertising space at very low prices compared to advertising prices on TV or on the streets, and your access is guaranteed to the target segment.

Mobile apps have proven to be fast and effective in attracting customer interest and ensuring communication and interaction with the launch of new products and services, promotions, improved features and discounted prices; Especially, if you use pop-up notifications in your app. So the customer will recognise the new company through offers and products initially by appearing in front of them, and then the customer will follow them on purpose.

Furthermore, mobile apps provide a lot of information for your business about your customers. One example is the geographic locations of clients, which are easily targeted in your marketing campaigns.


In the current crisis the whole world is going through, imagine wanting to buy a commodity or get a service in whatever area you want, but you certainly have to go to the company headquarters or the store that sells or provides this service! You will no doubt think twice about deciding before going to visit the company or store. But imagine the situation when you have a mobile app! Certainly you can sell anything at any time while you're in your house without having to go out and interact directly.

Turn your app into a social platform


Add features such as in-app messaging, comments, likes and photo-sharing capabilities. Additionally, enable login to the app via Facebook and Twitter. This approach has proven effective in increasing customer engagement and frequent sales.

All customers need a way to access the company that sells a product or service that matters to them. If you are unable to reach them, you are in danger of losing customers. Thus, the mobile app is useful in enabling this access. Save the help button on the phone's app platform where customers can post their questions, commands, comments and complaints.


Benefits of E-commerce mobile applications


The terrible technical development that mankind has experienced in the past 20 years, particularly in the last decade, has had negative or positive effects on companies, each according to their adaptation to the new situation in dealing with the present and changing their strategy in time in preparation for the future.


Top benefits and advantages of mobile e-commerce applications:

- Growth of business

Through mobile apps your e-store will be available to current and potential customers 24 hours a day in different countries and geographic

locations that are available to load your business mobile app and can at any time and from anywhere search for and browse various available

products and complete purchases and payments in a few seconds to minutes


Having your official mobile app on customers' mobile devices is a distinct opportunity to increase interaction with your business and raise

awareness of all that you offer through the app's content of up-to-date and accurate information regarding available products and notifications.

(Push Notification) about temporary products and offers through which disturbing ads that reduce customer interest can be replaced with

products and services where notification content can be known without having to run the app


The advantages and effective shopping solutions mobile apps offer will contribute to business growth by attracting the largest number of potential

customers, increasing sales volume and increasing customer interaction and loyalty with the brand while achieving a higher return on investments

made to develop, launch and market your store's official mobile app

- An integrated marketing channel

All traditional and digital online marketing means and solutions aim to reach target customers and increase the interaction of potential customers with the products and services provided by companies and businesses.

Mobile applications have proven from the outset and with continuous technological development their effectiveness as an integrated marketing channel that contributes to achieving desired marketing goals in harmony with other marketing channels and campaigns where you can through the application of the GI:

·       Reach as many client target groups as possible

·       Obtain potential customer data such as email and personal social media accounts

·       View your e-store products distinctively and interactively

·       Promotion of new products, offers and temporary discounts

·       Communicate with clients personally with minimal effort and within as little time as possible

·       Analyse customer interaction with application content and products available to develop marketing campaigns

·       Alignment with marketing campaigns and other marketing channels through in-app notifications and ads

- Launch effective advertising campaigns

Mobile apps offer the opportunity to obtain personal data for current and potential customers when uploading and installing the app on their mobile phones after logging into the app and include (name-communication numbers-email-geographic location-social media accounts logged in) Using statistics platforms, performance analysis and accurate and reliable interaction such as Google Analytics and Firebase enables you to analyze and follow the interaction of app users in terms of the number of visits, duration of browsing the app, product pages that have received the most visits and geographical location of app users and devices used to run the app.

With available personal data, interaction statistics and analytics you can develop and launch effective dedicated ad campaigns targeting potential

customers with the aim of increasing customer interaction with the app and products available and refer to the use of the abandoned shopping

cart through customer-friendly advertising and marketing campaigns and current shopping seasons within the app or on other platforms such as:

·       Social media ads (Social Media)

·       Search Engine Ads (SEM)

·       YouTube ads and websites (Google Display Ads)

·       Email marketing campaigns

·       Mobile Phone Messaging Marketing Campaigns (SMS)


- Increased customer confidence and loyalty

Providing effective personal communication solutions such as in-app messaging and Inquiry Forms as well as having official communication numbers and email mentioned in the app's content provides a real opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and confidence in dealing with your e-store after providing professional and effective customer service solutions.

Various secured payment solutions are the second step to reaching customer confidence and loyalty by providing payment solutions common in geographic areas to prospective customers such as Master Cards, Paypal, Payoneer and other secure and popular payment solutions among prospective customers while securing purchases through Two-Factor Authentication.

Customer loyalty programs (Loyalty Reward Programs) have proven effective in increasing customer loyalty and interaction with e-commerce activities by encouraging and rewarding interacting customers by cumulative points that are used to get discounted on the value of future product purchases when using the app and completing product purchases.



In-App Features for the Success of Mobile Applications


· Mobile apps will not be able to achieve all desired goals without the inclusion of in-App Features that are compatible with the attractive application design to provide the best possible browsing and interaction experience (User Experience) that will encourage potential customers to start and continue using your online store's official mobile app.

Key features of the success of e-commerce mobile applications:


· Sign up to the app through simple steps, using social media accounts (Social Media APIs) or through personal email

· Ensure the identity of the app's user through effective insurance methods such as Two-Factor Authentication and emphasize personal data insurance

· Use of Push Notifications to promote products, temporary offers and discounts in an effective and unobtrusive manner

· Making it easier to browse app content from product pages by providing advanced search solutions to search within certain price limits or for certain Advanced Search Filters products is clear and accessible in the application with products divided into appropriate classifications such as sections (mobile computers, personal computers, tablets) and displays suggested products based on customer preferences

· Add Voice Search access to desired products and ratings without effort and at full speed

· Complete product purchases in a few steps while providing and securing popular payment solutions for customers (Popular Secure Payment Gateways)

· Provide follow-up solutions to purchase orders, shipments and product deliveries (Order Tracking)

· Specify the terms and time during which the product will be returned and the cash value paid will be recovered

· Provide accurate and detailed information on the specifications of each product, current price, inventory, shipping period and costs, discount expiry date and marketing offers

· Having the possibility of sharing personal preferences in shopping carts on social media and displaying them during the app to encourage potential customers to browse and acquire products

· Having effective professional personality communication solutions such as in-app messaging and call buttons

· Provide virtual reality (AR&VR) solutions with the aim of providing product browsing and experience in VR to increase product conviction before purchasing it

· Provide a promotional video for each product that demonstrates the key advantages of each product and optimal use of each product to maximize utilization

· Include customer loyalty program (Loyalty Reward Program) dedicated to encouraging customers to increase interaction on the app, follow temporary offers and acquire more products

· Add App & Products Reviews to improve the application browsing experience and provide appropriate products at prices appropriate to customer needs.


Having a mobile app or website for your facility or business is the first step to ensuring you have continuous successful work that suits all the variables the world is going through by the day. But be sure to urge new customers to download your app on their mobile devices. Next, use the app to ensure you win.




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