?Why do you need my technology for designing & developing your mobile application


My-Technology provides its customers with a great experience to collaborate on producing the ideal app hand in hand and step-by-step, from fully listening to the customer's inspirations and analyzing the ideas put forward, including rigorous search and application to the competing
.market requirements, to reaching the best strategy for implementing a specially designed smart application

We work hard with the latest digital software and means, with the highest degree of experience, professionalism and creativity by our
.talented developers to implement a modern and engaging phone app that meets customer expectations

We are working to make use of the Android and iPhone app so that the experience is seamless and easy for user interface and management. We can analyses ideas, provide a full work plan for the app and make the main screens for the app and present it to the  customer in the best way

  What distinguishes My Technology team from others in your mobile design

Exceptional quality and on-time delivery

Quality first and foremost. We make sure through extensive inspection and testing that the project is delivered on time without any
problems or errors, and at the highest quality you can get

Effective communication and continued cooperation

A successful app reflects your brand personality, which we achieve by constantly collaborating with the customer and their team to
understand the goals and mission of the marketing brand and represent it clearly in the App

Application design and development experts

We are well aware that the development of the best applications requires the presence of the best cadres and experts in the field, which is
what we seek in My Technology and select the team work very carefully

Effective Cost

  Whether the company is a start-up, medium or large facility, today we provide the right pricing for the nature of the company and the size of the application, without any sacrifice of quality

We combine creativity and competence

Having a team with long years of experience doesn't mean we rely on a traditional style of development, but rather creativity and a desire to create unprecedented experiences for our customers that enhance brand image

We depend on the latest technology

The mobile app industry is fast-changing, and daily shows new updates that improve app quality and performance, we invest in getting the
best and latest tools to serve customer projects at no extra cost

Renewed creativity | quality assurance

As uploads are flooded with millions of apps, consumers are only looking for the best creative, most quality and stable apps

So we're working hard to come up with seamless experiences and design interfaces like no other in your apps. We ensure that your application provides a better value for users by developing a fault-free product where we conduct a robust mobile app test that includes manual testing, visual quality assurance, automatic testing and technology to ensure that your app works with the highest efficiency and stability, in order to make the most effective difference between you and your competitors and highlight the value of your business in the best way possible

Thoughtful consultations | clear strategy

Amid a mix of creativity and specializations, My technology consultants and experts help you technologists and technicians validate the idea of the application and its suitability for the target market and then impress you with a clear and effective plan and strategy that outlines the advantages of your services and products and highlights the value of your application amid your competitors

Smartphone Application Operating Systems

Apple Application Operating System “IOS"

Since the release of this system to power most Apple smart devices and with the widespread of iPhones globally to be the elite's favorite device, using the best modern technical tools to create and develop attractive, easy-to-use and uploaded professional applications that are tailored to this system and offer optimal performance to app management and users and have the potential to develop and periodically adjust to your customers' requirements and new IOS versions

Android Application Operating System "Android"

Your company's Android app is a key pillar of fruitful development in your project and the best way to find the shortest way to communicate with your current or potential customers is for the system to run on about 1.4 billion smartphones a month, allowing your application to reach a larger segment of the target audience through the Play Store platform, which is owned by Google, which in turn increases the confidence of your customers and enjoys the experience of shopping or accessing services

!Get a full plan from My Technology to create your application to serve your thoughts and business now 

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