What do you know about the conversational e-commerce

? and its importance in increasing your e-commerce sales

Conversation Commerce, also known as chat trade or chat marketing, is a new form of e-commerce that allows companies and brands to communicate with their customers via various chat apps, robot chat robots or via voice assistants in order to explore offers, conduct transactions, receive services or assist in operations

As digital marketing and online e-commerce grew, there was a decline in the number of face-to-face conversations between people

Instead of going to a store and asking questions, most consumers today will spend time searching for products and services online before buying

Of course, the less interaction between people, the less brand loyalty. That change is one reason Apple opened retail stores in 2001. Although the brand was focused on online sales, hey realised it was personal interactions with customers that created loyalty

When it comes to engaging customers, two-way personal conversation is a more effective way to understand and serve their needs

Interactive marketing enables companies to have real-time conversations with potential customers and customers via the website, social media or app

It has also boomed conversation marketing across social media over the past few years, with apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp at the forefront. In 2021, more than 20 billion messages are exchanged between companies and Facebook users each month through Facebook Messenger

?Which of the most notable benefits of conversation e-commerce

Delivering a better experience for its customers those they have been delivering based on technology and without the need to increase the number of employees or significantly raise work budgets

We will present a set of highlights of these benefits that chatter trade offers to businesses and individuals


Immediate support in real time

Shoppers have come to expect an immediate response to requests for help and their inquiries from any e-store's customer service teams. We therefore stress that it is essential that your store is able to provide the support and assistance required in real time

Speed and comfort for those targeted

Comfort is key to any online shopping experience, so always make sure your customers feel comfortable buying from your store

And through the conversation trade, a fast and efficient service is offered to consumers that always makes a good impression. Consumers can ask questions, get quick responses and solve any problems that may have prevented them from making a purchase.And by removing such hurdles, retailers are ensuring customers are happy and that nothing stands in their way in making their orders


Reducing the proportion of abandoned shopping carts

Conversation commerce helps many e-store owners reduce their abandoned shopping cart ratios, along with helping them motivate customers to complete purchases they have stopped for whatever reason

This conversation trade is done through some of the measures through which it takes place, such as

-Send proactive greetings via live chat to customers who have added some products in their shopping baskets but have yet to buy these items

-Offer the customer who abandoned his shopping cart to help him complete his application.Tap into the Facebook Messenger Checkbox plug-in that detects active Facebook sessions that let you connect with users who haven't completed their requests

-Offer customers a discount via Facebook Messenger messages to motivate them to return to your site and apply

The importance of e-marketing in increasing your sales

Conversation trade shapes the future of e-commerce and online selling in general

This is observed by a large proportion of e-retailers shifting towards relying mainly on them to connect with their customers, complete deals and increase sales

These are some of the numbers and statistics we need to know about the conversation trade, which we will review as follows

1-WhatsApp users reached 9. 2 billion people. statista – 2021

2-Facebook Messenger reached 1.3 billion people. techjury – 2021

260 million new conversations happen daily on Facebook Messenger. techjury – 2021

3-Facebook Messenger's platform has more than 30.0000 robotic chat robots. techjury – 2021

90 million small businesses are actively using Facebook one way or another. techjury – 2021

20 billion messages are exchanged monthly between companies and customers.techjury – 2021

95.2% of internet users use chat or messaging platforms. influencermarketinghub – 2021

15.2% of internet users use live messaging and chat services to search for brands. influencermarketinghub – 2021

Up to 44% of consumers have used chat robots, and nearly 50% are open to buying items 4-as they interact with the chat robot. hubspot

80% of companies say they already use chat robots or plan to use them as a communication service for customers. hubspot

 Conversational e-commerce tools

There are a number of effective means you can choose from in proportion to the nature of 

your store and your customers' preferences, most notably


1-Live chat

Live chat is one of the most popular and influential conversation trade tools in improving user experience within e-stores

It is an easy-to-use and applied tool on retail websites, which allows shoppers to get instant answers at the time of browsing the store without having to exit the site


2-Chatbots robot

It helps customers by providing answers to their questions via text, and can chat to more 

then one shopper and answer all their questions and inquiries within seconds on the clock

And live chat robots can be applied to websites, e-stores and all messaging platforms, making customers able to communicate with you around the clock

We shared... Have you started applying the conversation trade inside your e-store?

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